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VF\'s new \"Net Zero Energy\" campus in Alameda - 4 solar rooftops and 12 carports produce all the energy they need.
JR Roberts Deacon called us as construction began looking for ideas on how to build this unique custom roof-top project.
The unique challenge was how to safely install panels over 110\' above the sidewalk, outside the roof perimeter.
Solar panels extend up to 8\' beyond the roof edge (!)
We installed modules outside the roof perimeter with a custom-built cantilevered work platform for an 8\' walkway.
Further complicating the design was the architect\'s desire for even spacing between the modules on each direction.
The best space solar at Rutherford Hill was a wooded area behind the winery, so we had cleared over 3 acres to start.
We designed a small footprint racking solution to work on the thin cover in the new solar array area.
We used high-efficiency Sunpower panels to get maximum power output in the limited space adjacent to the property lines.
ZD planned a new barn on their Carneros property with Wayne Leong of St. Helena.
We collaborated with Wayne on the design of the building to maximize solar production and efficiency.
Modules were mounted w/out penetrating the new panelized insulated roof, what the owner of any new building would want.
To cost-effectively achieve their objectives, we designed a hybrid system using Sunpower and Hyundai modules.
The system also made use of a special racking solution from PanelClaw that could accommodate the slight barrel roof.
In keeping with Chimney Rock\'s aesthetic, the system is completely invisible to their many happy tasting room guests.
For Dome new South San Francisco HQ, we spec\'d a lightweight non-penetrating solar solution.
The new Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield was to get a reflective roof, so we chose a product to harvest light off the roof.
The system was designed to work around nearly 100 solar tube skylights to bring natural light into the showroom floor.
The system required no penetrations and sits 14 inches off the roof surface for maximum reflectivity and easy access
Our third solar-on-spetic project, this time we wrote the standards for Napa County Environmental Management.
Ganau America, the US subsidiary of Ganau of Sardinia, Italy, built this new building in 2011, with solar in mind.
Our custom-designed non-penetrating racking allows for maximum solar production with minimum (zero) holes in the roof.
Each panel rail is clipped to the standing seams of the steel roof, with bracing to resist uplift and seismic movement.
Oak Hill Farm has been growing delectable and sustainable produce and flowers in the Sonoma valley for over 50 years.
Now their new greenhouses and cooler are powered by the sun.
Sunlight Electric\'s solution for Mesa Beverage was designed to maximize afternoon, high-value solar production.
Using a non-penetrating mounting system, Mesa\'s roof warranty was preserved.
Panels flip up for easy access to the system wiring and roof deck.
Using an abandoned terraced hillside, Sunlight Electric\'s solution maximizes solar production in a tricky environment.
The Wood family has been growing Napa Valley floor Cabernet Sauvignon for generations.
The major use of electricity at Wood Ranch is pumping water for drip irrigation.
The two projects we designed for the Woods will completely eliminate their electric bills.
We designed a single row array at the cleared end of the organic walnut orchard for Sierra Orchards in Winters.
At CRP in Fremont, we designed a non-penetrating solution which takes full advantage of afternoon sun.
The 15-degree tilt maximizes afternoon exposure, enabling CRP to gain maximum value for the power they generate
At B2B, we worked with the builder of their new facility to install their solar system before the building was occupied.
We designed Bay Area Beverage's solar power system to take full advantage of their building's southern exposure.
The 30-degree tilt maximize solar production and allows for easy cleaning.
We designed a solar project for Medlock-Ames to provide shade for cars for employees and guests for tours and tastings.
The trellis was made of custom glue-lams with solar panels mounted directly on top.
We used high-efficiency Sanyo modules to generate the needed amount of power on the limited carport trellis space.
Barker Blue goes green! A new icon for US101 commuters.
The only available space at Miner Winery for solar was the 30-degree slope behind the winery building.
Part of Silver Oak Cellars solar project took advantage of their south-facing roof at their renown Oakville winery.
Clover's truck maintenance facility is now entirely solar-powered.
With this non-penetrating mounting system, Hotel Carlton became San Francisco's first solar-powered hotel.
At ZD Wines, we designed a single long row to fit in the vinerows.
Over 500 feet long, this system contains 712 Sanyo high-efficiency PV modules.
The other end of the 500-foot-long row.
QD Electrical installing the combiner boxes.
At Trefethen, we came up with the clever idea of using unused space on the south-facing side of their irrigation pond.
Not only did we find space where it seemed like there was none, but this PV system is also very unobtrusive.
This system powers Trefethen's irrigation pumps and their workshop.
Trefethen's second PV system powers their office.
This system design met Trefethen's need for a balance between output, land use, tilt for cleaning, and service access.
Trefethen's inverters, nice and cool in the shade.
Jay Schuppert, President of Cuvaison.
You have to walk pretty far out in the vineyard to get a view of the entire project.
This project covers over 16,000 square feet. (Can you see the person in the photo?)
Cuvaison's PV system covers the entire SW side of their roof, making over $50k in electricity annually.
At Saintsbury, we designed a solar support structure under a PG&E right-of-way -- no easy feat.
The completed structure also provides shaded work area - an excellent thing to have in Napa Valley during harvest.
Sunlight Electric collaborated with MBarC Carports to design this cost-effective support structure.
Over 500 Sanyo solar modules were installed on top of the structure.
The Staglin's photovoltaic system provides power for both the winery and the Staglin's home.
To meet the County's requirements, we designed a unique above-ground footing. Here are the empty forms.
Concrete pumped from above to fill the forms for the footings.
Sunlight Electric designed these never-done-before above-ground footings to meet the County's requirements.
Completed footings, which serve as the platform for over 900 Sanyo hybrid-technology PV modules.
Havens Wine Cellars: PV on a Hot Tile Roof.
At Keenan Winery in Spring Mountain, Sunlight Electric created space for solar power where there was none before.
At the north end of Keenan's vinerows, our pole-top solar arrays cast their shade in the tractor turn-around space.
Each pole-top array is tall enough to drive a tractor under.
Each pole-top array contains 10 BP Solar 170-watt modules.
Star Route Farms: Organic since 1974. Solar since 2006.
Solar is now part of the tour at Long Meadow Ranch's Rutherford Gardens.
Honig's "solar farm", just before sunset. Very pretty.
The grapes on this 1/3rd acre never pass muster with Honig, due to high clay content. Perfect for solar.
Honig's PV system is nearly 1/4 mile from their main utility service.
Even on a cloudy day, Honig delivers on their claim, "Sustainably farmed and solar powered."
Cowgirl Creamery's new solar-powered cheese-making facility in Pt Reyes Station.
A close-up look reveals the details.
Frog's Leap's solar farm covers their leach-field, a location unsuitable for growing quality Rutherford grapes.
Our now-famous photo of Frog's Leap's leachfield-mounted PV system.
A work in process: with the support structure installed, we're ready for module installation.