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“I started Sunlight Electric in 2002 when I was researching solar power for my home in San Francisco and was amazed and disappointed by what seemed like a remarkably poor level of service.” — Rob Erlichman, Founder

Types of solutions

Building projects that deliver value month after month and year after year

  • Roof-mounted

    Whether it’s a converted barn or a 100,000 square foot temperature-controlled warehouse, roof-mounted solar is often the most cost-effective option for building owners. Non-penetrating options allow for ensuring roof integrity, and we typically seek coterminous roof and solar warranties. See examples

  • Ground-mounted

    We’ve been developing solar projects for farms since 2005, long before the term “agri-voltaics” was coined. Vineyards, row crops or orchards, Sunlight Electric has a solution to harvest perhaps your most valuable crop — sunlight! See examples

  • Solar-on-septic

    While septic systems play a vital role in the health of a winery, many consider the space above the septic system underutilized. Sunlight Electric pioneered this creative use of limited resources and has collaborating with Napa County since 2018 to codify new building code standards for this clever solar application. See examples

  • Solar Carports

    Shaded parking can hold tremendous appeal for employees and customers, and create space for solar where there might not be otherwise. Carports, truckports, we’ve done them all. See examples

  • Energy Storage

    Interest in batteries continues to grow for back-up power, net billing leverage, and demand charge management, yet there remains a wide gulf between desires and capabilities. Sunlight Electric can advise on options and help you separate fact from sales pitch.