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Terms and Conditions

Sunlight Electric has two guiding principles when it comes to getting projects done: 1) The project should be done on time and on budget, and 2) It’s 100% our responsibility to manage the project implementation.


Since product availability changes, prices presented on the Sunlight Electric web site are subject to change. Estimates for standard installations have been included in some cases, so as to present a complete picture of total costs a customer incurs. All installation charges are billed directly by the installing contractor.


Sunlight Electric is a factory-authorized, licensed retailer of photovoltaic systems for residential and commercial applications. Installation is typically performed by Sunlight Electric’s select “partner-contractors” who are licensed, bonded, insured, and carry workmen’s compensation insurance. As part of the service we offer to ensure customer satisfaction with the products we sell, we perform the following activities:

  • Design systems unique to our customers’ needs
  • Process applicable subsidy applications on our customer’s behalf
  • Arrange for delivery of equipment timed with installation
  • Process utility company interconnection agreements

Our customers have a separate contract for installation with a CA licensed contractor. We support the installation contractor while s/he obtains local building permits, providing technical documentation and site engineering plans, as well as during the installation providing technical guidance where necessary.

In order to provide the best service to our customers, and since many issues relating to the installation require our involvement, we facilitate communication between all parties, be it scheduling the installation (the customer needs to be present to inspect and pay, the contractor needs to be there to work, we need to ensure the equipment arrives as ordered and on time), getting sign-off on permits, or processing subsidy applications.


Any photovoltaic system you purchase from Sunlight Electric carries a minimum of a five-year warranty against breakdown or degradation of output. The warranty covers all of the components of the generating system against breakdown or degradation in electrical output of more than ten percent from their originally rated electrical output and includes the full cost of repair or replacement of defective components or systems and the labor to remove and reinstall defective components or systems.

PV modules sold by Sunlight Electric typically carry a 25-year warranty on output – the manufacturer represents that the panels will perform within a range of output for the warranty period.

Generated Electricity Estimates

All estimates presented are based, in part, on the National Solar Radiation Database, which includes data collected by the National Weather Service and maintained by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. These data are, in our opinion, the best available and represent the best effort to forecast the output of a system optimized to a specific location. While we’ll do our best to give you as complete a picture of the output and economics of home solar power as possible since weather patterns vary we cannot guarantee the output of your equipment beyond what’s referred to in the industry as “standard test conditions.”

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